BBQ Sauces


Let's talk about sauces.  No, not "argue about sauces".  I know that mine's the best, so there!  At John G's BBQ we have several sauces. 

I learned to cook BBQ in North Alabama and there the sauce is thin vinegar based.  Just some vinegar, a little oil and some spices.  Plain and simple and where my heart still lies.  Of course we have "Alabama sauce" here.  You have to ask for it because it isn't all that popular around here.

Chitlin' Sez:

Eat mo' BBQ

Red Sauce - The red or tomato bases sauce is our primary sauce and is what we serve if you don't ask for anything in particular.  My recipe is my own, of course and is quite secret.  Clevelanders love it and buy it by the bottle.    
Rib Sauce - OK, I'm going to let out a little secret.  I don't make my rib sauce.  I used to but I found one that tastes almost like mine but comes in a jug.  The brand is Sweet Baby Ray's sauce.  Oh, I let out TWO secrets.  This sauce is available in grocery stores in this area.  It's great with ribs but only after they're cooked.
Skin Sauce - A very popular dish at John G's BBQ is the Skins Plate, also known as the "Four Skin" because four come on a plate.  A skin consists of a hollowed out potato skin that is deep fried and then stuffed with BBQ, cheese and sauce. 

Now you've probably had "skins" as an appetizer in other restaurants.  Dainty little things where 6 are just about right for an appetizer.  As you can see, about all those skins have in common with ours is the name.  Two of ours are a meal for me.

Anyway, I make a special sauce for these skins.  It is a half and half mix of Sweet Baby Ray's and my Soooooper secret red sauce.  Delish!  Be sure and ask for this, as we normally just serve red sauce since that's what most people know.


Last update 05/29/2007